DPG has joined UNIDO AIM Global, the Global Alliance on Artificial Intelligence for Industry and Manufacturing. This strategic collaboration reflects our commitment to advancing safe, sustainable, and inclusive use of AI in industry and manufacturing.

This T20 policy brief proposes a Group of Twenty (G20) coordinating committee for the governance of artificial intelligence (CCGAI) to plan and

The paper analyzes Europe’s digital sovereignty strategy, which manifests not only as a matter of promoting a data economy and preventing data market

This G20/T20 Italy policy proposes digital platforms for infrastructure as mobilization and learning ecosystems to enable and make multistakeholder

DPG presented at the LOC Center Day in October 2021. The LOC focusses on digital methods for the built environment. The presentation

DPG took part in the discussion on “Securing a Global AI Ecosystem & Standards" hosted by the Global Digital Foundation engaging experts from the

Chaired by the Global Digital Foundation and the AI Assurance Club, the meeting featured contributions by organisations across the AI ecosystem including the

This Springer book highlights that AI can be a significant part of the solution to climate change, yet phases a governance gap. While technology plays

Dr. Thorsten Jelinek was invited to presented at the seminar series " Advanced Topics in Sustainable Real Estate " hosted by the Technical

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