Digital Federation for the Infrastructure Industry

Advanced Topics in Sustainable Real Estate

Dr. Thorsten Jelinek was invited to presented at the seminar series “Advanced Topics in Sustainable Real Estate” hosted by the Technical University Munich. Twenty-first century infrastructure needs to respond to changing demographics, become climate neutral, resilient, and economically affordable, while remaining a driver for development and shared prosperity. Digital federation can help to overcome the fragmentation of the infrastructure value chain based on mobilization and learning platforms for sovereign data exchange and intelligent infrastructure services. The presentation was based on a T20 policy brief and its extended version: “Federated Digital Platforms: Value Chain Integration for Sustainable Infrastructure Planning and Delivery”

DPG Joins UNIDO AIM Global

Berlin – March 6, 2024 – DPG, represented by Dr. Thorsten Jelinek, has joined AIM Global, United Nations’ Global Alliance on Artificial Intelligence for Industry and

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