Enabling Digital Sovereignty

DPG is inspired by the concept of Digital sovereignty, which has emerged as a promising governance approach to ensure that digital economies are innovative, inclusive, and trustworthy. Digital sovereignty is about enabling and promoting data generation, sharing, and reusing, and establishing open and trusted data alliances within and between industries and countries. Shared data spaces are essential drivers for a competitive, yet inclusive digital economy. They can help economies to leverage advanced technologies like cloud/edge computing, artificial intelligence, knowledge graphs, digital twins, Internet of Things (IoT)/smart sensors, 5G, and distributed ledgers. However, most small digital players from business (startups and SMEs), civil society (citizens, NGOs, and academia), (local) government and state agencies have constrained resources and typically have limited data; therefore, they cannot easily develop and offer their own services. Digital sovereignty is about lowering the barriers to entry and encouraging the emergence of equitable peer-to-peer platform ecosystems.
As part of digital sovereignty, digital federation has evolved into a collaborative framework and technology architecture that enables shared data spaces. With a federated digital environment, data can be shared securely and reused in a distributed and interoperable manner while ensuring data ownership. Digital sovereignty and federation enable the transformation towards mobilization and learning ecosystems fostering collaboration and innovation.

Who We Are

DPG Digital Platform Governance GmbH (DPG) is a strategic advisory and services firm focussing on digital governance, data sovereignty, and artificial intelligence (AI) assurance. Bridging the gap between policy and implementation, DPG conceptualizes and develops digital governance frameworks and roadmaps enabling the transformation towards mobilization and learning platforms. DPG addresses the regulatory, standardization, governance, and innovation dimensions of emerging ecosystems. Dr. Thorsten Jelinek is the founder and managing director of DPG.


Since 2021, DPG is a member of Germany’s Gaia-X domain GeoinformationUnited Nations’ Global Alliance on Artificial Intelligence for Industry and Manufacturing (AIM Global), and is supported by the TUM Venture Labs (Venture Lab Built Environment).


DPG Digital Platform
Governance GmbH

Managing Director: Dr. Thorsten Jelinek 
Commercial Register No. 229589 B. at District Registry Court of Berlin-Charlottenburg 
Main Office: Chausseestrasse 108, 10115 Berlin, Germany
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