DPG collaborates on piloting a federated digital platform for the infrastructure industry. The goal of GemeinWerk is to develop a trusted platform enabling the agile integration of the infrastructure value chain. The project follows a roadmap starting with a use cased-based development of connectors, catalogues of digital services, and shared data spaces. Visit GemeinWerk.

AI Assurance Club

The Global Digital Foundation (UK) collaborates with DPG to growth the community and increase the impact of the AI Assurance Club. The AI Assurance Club convenes representatives from across the artificial intelligence ecosystem to advance the discussion on operationalizing governance frameworks to demonstrate compliance and build trust and confidence in AI. Visit AAC.

Bauform eG

Bauform eG is a pioneering digital and data cooperative for the construction industry in Germany, dedicated to facilitating secure and sovereign data exchange within a participatory legal organizational framework. By granting each member equal voting rights, it emphasizes trust, inclusivity, and collective decision-making. Visit Bauform.

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